Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Perfectly Chilled Hotels offer?

A. Perfectly Chilled Hotels is a boutique and luxury hotel directory featuring an eclectic range of small stylish hotels, B&Bs and unusual places to stay, and useful travel resource directories. Perfectly Chilled Hotels is dedicated to connecting site users with their perfect boutique and luxury hotels and destinations.

Q. How do I use the Perfectly Chilled Hotels site?

A. The website is divided into the following stylishly designed and easy to navigate sections: Hotels, Travel Essentials, Offers, About Us. Our boutique and luxury hotel sections feature a range of accommodation ideas and inspirations. You can make an on-line booking through our reservation partner, Splendia or through our built-in Request Availability facility enables users to make booking enquiries with our travel team.

Perfectly Chilled hotels also provides a platform for users to interact, submit and share their own personal recommendations and experiences and users can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to find out about new listings on the site and to benefit from any special promotional offers that may be provided exclusively to our followers.

Travel to the far reaches of the world to experience the brilliant moments in our Travel Essentials blog style Travel Notes section which features inspiring destinations and unique travel experiences.

The Travel Links section features links to a range of third party travel resource websites for the busy modern day traveller and are chosen by us because they are informative, inspiring and great to know about before you go.

If you are interested in advertising on the Perfectly Chilled site, go to our Promote Your Hotel section.

Q. How can I save the details of places I'm interested in?

A. When you have found a property rental or hotel that you are interested in, you can either print the relevant page by using our ‘Print this Page’ facility within the Travel Essentials area for that particular property or hotel advert, or simply use your browsers bookmark facility so that you can return to your favourite property or hotel at a later time or date.

Q. How can I tell if a hotel is available?

A. Through our exclusive hotel reservation partner, you can now check upto date availability and make a direct booking for this hotel. When you click the "Book Now" button you will be able to add your required dates to check availability and only the rooms available for those requested dates will be on display.

For Request Availability hotels, we will provide details of up to date availability when you send a request inquiry.

Q. How do I make a booking?

A. Through Splendia, our exclusive hotel reservation partner, you can now check availability and make a direct online booking for each hotel only where you see the "Book Now" button. Please note this is not available for hotels where you do not see the "Book Now" button.

For Request Availability hotels, simply complete the enquiry form with your contact details and wherever possible, give details about your preferred dates, group size and any other special requirements. Our team will then contact you with details of the booking process.

Q. Can I cancel my holiday booking through you?

A. Cancellations are not made via Perfectly Chilled Hotels. Any bookings made through Splendia, our exclusive hotel reservation partner, will be subject to Splendia terms and conditions. The cancellation policy and all other aspects of the terms and conditions will be available following booking confirmation.

For hotels booked through the Perfectly Chilled Hotels website, you will make any cancellation requests direct to the hotel. We will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have.

Q. There is a problem with our accommodation - who do I contact?

A. Once your booking has been made, the contract is made between you and the hotel concerned and any claims or complaints against a hotel must be settled directly with the hotel concerned. If you have any reason for complaint or dissatisfaction during your stay it is important that you take this up with the hotel management to try and resolve this.
We act only as an intermediary between you and the hotels, and have no direct control over the quality of services or the charges of individual hotels. We therefore are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever in relation to any dispute arising between you and the hotel regarding their charges, quality of services, facilities or otherwise.

Q. There is a problem with the website - who do I contact?

A. For all queries relating to problems with the website please contact From time to time, we may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the website including the availability of site features, database or content where we have legal, commercial or a technical reason do to so. There may also be times when the site may become inaccessible as a result of technical difficulties experienced by us on the internet. We will, however use reasonable skill and care to overcome these difficulties where they are within our control. Please see Term & Conditions for further information.

Q. How can I provide feedback about a hotel ?

A. If you have positive or negative feedback regarding your stay at a hotel displayed on our website, please feel free to pass this directly on to the advertiser and to us via our feedback email address within the Contact Us area. If you experience a problem with a hotel or your holiday experience failed to meet your expectations, we would advise you to contact the advertiser immediately. Where this is not possible, please address the matter with them as soon as you get home.

As an advertising website that does not take part in the booking process, we cannot get involved in matters that occurred during your stay or during your purchase and accept no responsibility for disappointments or disputes that may arise as a consequence. We ask advertisers and site users to correspond directly with each other in order to come to a resolution. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further clarification.

We investigate any complaint raised by a site user to ensure that our advertisers are accurately describing their hotels products and services and that they are behaving in a responsible and professional manner to our site users. Should this not be the case, we reserve the right to suspend adverts immediately.

Q. Is Perfectly Chilled Hotels exclusively for members?

A. No, Perfectly Chilled Hotels is not exclusively for members. Anyone can use the site, it is free of charge to use and there are no booking fees for site users. Advertisers automatically become members of the Perfectly Chilled Hotels site.

Q. Who are Perfectly Chilled Hotels?

A. Perfectly Chilled Hotels are part of Perfectly Chilled Travel Directory LLP.Registered in England & Wales (No. OC344886) 

Q. How can I get in contact with Perfectly Chilled Hotels?

A. There are several ways in which you can get in contact with Perfectly Chilled Hotels. Firstly you can use the contact email addresses provided within the Contact Us section of the site or by telephone on: +44 (0) 1886 884620 For PR and Media enquiries, please contact us on +44 (0) 1886 884620.

Q. What currency do I make hotel bookings in?

A. When booking through Splendia, our exclusive hotel reservation partner, you will be able to see the correct currency for each listed Splendia Hotel and you can then check upto date availability and make a direct booking for each Splendia hotel.

Booking made through Perfectly Chilled Hotels will be paid in UK pound.

Q. Are the quoted hotel room rates included of taxes and surcharges?

A. Through our online reservation partner, Splendia you will be able to see any charges for taxes and surcharges within the hotel booking information & reservation form.

For Request Availability hotels, all taxes and surcharges will be provided by the hotels and subject to their terms and conditions.

Q. What browser is the Site best viewed in?

A. Perfectly Chilled Hotels has been designed and optimised for use in Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ at 1024 x 768 screen resolution. The site has been tested in both Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Mozilla Firefox 2.0+. JavaScript should be enabled in order to take advantage of some of our advanced features, such as the My Assistant tool.

Q. How does the online booking process work?

A. Through our hotel reservation partner, Splendia you can check availability and make a Live online booking for a hotel when you see the "Book Now" button. Please note online booking is not available for hotels where you see the "Request Availability" button.

When you click the "Book Now" button you will directed to the website of our reservation partner, Splendia & a "live" availability page will pop up. You will then be able to add the date you require to check availability and only the room types available for your chosen dates and their "live" rates will be visible. The next step is to choose the room/s required to see the date and subtotal and then simply click "Book". You will then be requested to complete the reservation form and make the secure online payment for your booking. You will receive confirmation of your booking direct from Splendia, our reservation partner.

The Splendia booking page will ask if you are or would like to become a member of Splenida. Membership tpo Splendia is free and you can get extra benefits when making a booking.

Please note you do not need to become a Splendia member to make a live booking,

Individual hotels’ booking conditions vary, and when booking online you will be required to provide credit card details (normally with a deposit) to guarantee your booking. This is processed in a secure environment using the latest encryption technology. Your booking details will show exactly what deposit is payable and the balance payable to the hotel on departure, or the details of final balance payment.

Q. What does "Request Availability" mean?

A. The "Request Availability" button shows instead of "Book Now" if your chosen hotel does not offer live online booking through Perfectly Chilled Hotels reservation partner Splendia. You will be able to enter your details on an enquiry form that goes directly to our team. They will then respond to you directly by phone or email as soon as possible with availability and price. This is normally within 24 hours. Subject to availability you will then be able to book through the Perfectly Chilled Hotels website.

Please note that hotels may be in different time zones, so we may not get an instant response from hotels regarding availability and up to date rates.

Q. How do I make a payment for an online hotel booking?

A. For Book Now hotels, bookings are made through our online booking partners Splendia, and not with Perfectly Chilled Hotels. Splendia acts as the sole online booking partner for Perfectly Chilled Hotels. Full booking terms and conditions are supplied by Splendia, and can be viewed on their booking pages. You will need to confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions when booking. Where payment or a deposit is due in advance to a hotel or to Splendia, this will be advised and itemised at the time of booking. Splendia will contact you directly to confirm booking.

Q. How do I search for information on a hotel?

A. Users can also use the Advanced Search where you will find our interactive detailed hotel search facility with an advance range of multi-criteria to select from. Simply tick one or more to view hotels. Choose as many or as few in this area. The more you tick, the more refined your search will be.

Choose by Collection: Tick one or more of the style categories
Choose by Destination: Tick a destination and the countries in that region will appear and you can then select one or more of the countries within your chosen region
Choose by Price Range: Use the slider to select your hotels within your price range.

Use Hotel Collections to search by holiday style and Destinations let you explore by location, or simply use our Quick Search if you want a holiday in a hurry and you don’t have time to browse

Q. Perfectly Chilled Hotels use of cookies

A. Perfectly Chilled Hotels use cookies (small text files saved to your computer) for certain features. By using our website you agree to the placement of cookies on your computer in accordance with the terms of this policy. Cookies allow us to personalise the content of the site for you, and to monitor website traffic.

Q. Privacy

A. Perfectly Chilled Hotels are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties, except to the provider of your chosen accommodation. We use your information to process your bookings with the relevant provider.

Q. How do I find a place to stay?

A. If you know where you want to go, you can save time by searching by destination, or the hotel name in the Find a Hotels search box. Alternatively you can get a little inspiration from our dedicated style categories (Hotel collections) or by using our refined search, which combines various criteria, including destination, location, style category and budget. This allows our system to show hotels that meet your exact criteria.

Q. Can Perfectly Chilled Hotels help with finding places to stay for special celebrations?

A. Yes we can. We have some fabulous places to stay that would be the perfect choice for weddings, honeymoons, family gatherings and photo shoots. Just let us know what your are looking for and our team would be delighted to help you find the perfect place to stay.

Q. Can I ask any specific questions about the hotel?

A. Yes. Any questions or special requests can be entered in the any special requirements box at the bottom of the availability request form. We will reply to your query once the hotel in question has provided the information. And once you have confirmed your booking, we give you the contact details for the hotel so that you can liaise with them directly.

Q. Can I contact you if there is a problem with my booking?

A. Yes, please email or phone us if there is a technical or procedural problem with your booking. Queries about the hotel should be made directly to the hotel in question, not to us. However, we will de delighted to assist with any way we can and liaise with the hotel directly if necessary.

Q. Will I receive written confirmation of my reservation?

A. Yes. Once we have received of your deposit, you will be provided with a summary of your booking details and a unique booking reference number. You should print this page and keep it for your reference.

Q. Can you arrange flights, transfers, car hire, insurance, etc. for me?

A. No. We do not offer or arrange any travel services (air, land or sea). However, we do provide links to a selection of suppliers. You will find notes on how to get to your destination on the each of the accommodation pages under Getting There. Many hotels can arrange transfers from airports etc. please check with the individual hotel directly for more information.

Q. Can I book with you if I do not live in the UK UK?

A. Yes. Anyone can book hotel accommodation through the Perfectly Chilled Hotels website as long as you have a valid credit card with which to guarantee the booking and make any necessary deposit payment.

Q. What exactly is your "best price" guarantee?

A. For our Request Availability hotels we guarantee that you will not get a better price by contacting the hotel directly.

For Book Now hotels, our reservation partner offers the best available rates.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Your credit card details are required to initially guarantee your reservation, and a initial deposit will be charged to your credit card by Perfectly Chilled Hotels at this stage. In addition, some hotels may require a second deposit to be paid, which will be charged to your credit card upon booking, or due by bank transfer within a few days.

We will inform you of the payment details at the time of booking. The remainder of your payment is usually due at the time of stay. Each hotel’s Booking Policies (Deposit and Cancellation) are different so please ensure you double check payment and cancellation terms before confirming your booking as some hotels, especially in peak season. I some cases a hotel may require an immediate balance payment in order to confirm the booking (usually if the booking is last minute).

Q. At what stage do I need to provide my credit card details?

A. Unlike most accommodation websites, you will not be required to give your credit card details until we have confirmed availability, provided you with a quote, answered any queries, and you have chosen to go ahead with the reservation.
NB: Request Availability hotels only

Q. Who do I make payment to?

A. Deposit payments are usually required to be paid either directly to Perfectly Chilled or to our online reservation partner Splendia, but balance payments are always paid directly to the hotel. Occasionally, full payment will be made to the hotel (be it at the time of confirmation, at check-out, or a mixture).

Q. Access to credit card details?

A. For bookings where Perfectly Chilled takes a deposit payment your credit card will be charged through PCI (Payment Card Industry standard) compliant secure servers using 256bit SSL encryption technology considered the safest for standard commercial use.

Where accommodation suppliers require credit card details for deposit, balance payment or cancellation transactions, your card will be charged in accordance with their own payment policies.

Q. What currency do I have to make payments in?

A. Deposit payments will usually be in UK pound and further payments are usually, made in the native currency of the hotel you have booked with. This will be advised at the time of booking.

Q. Are the quoted prices inclusive of taxes and surcharges?

A. All information will be available on the Splendia booking form and Request Availability hotels will supply these details at the pre-booking stage.

Q. When do I make a payment?

A. In most cases, you commit a small deposit when you confirm your booking, and pay the balance either on arrival or shortly before. In some cases, your credit card details are taken but not actually charged until you stay. You’ll see which applies when you enquire – look under Payment and Cancellation Policies. You will need a credit card for all bookings.

Q. How do Perfectly Chilled make money?

A. For each confirmed booking through the Perfectly Chilled Hotels website, we charge the hotel a small percentage of the total cost. This is the same for independent hotels and our reservation partner hotels.